At what point do you just leave?

How much ■■■■ are you willing to take from a customer? Just wondering if anyone here has a good ‘walk off the job’ story they wouldn’t mind sharing.

This will be a good thread i can feel it.

Anytime you get the notion


Okay… I’ll share my little story I guess…

Doing a flatwork job last week…
I explained the to customer the process with the surface cleaner, pretreat then it was going to take two passes and a final rinse, possible a post treatment depending on results… no issues.

We put down the pre treatment, and then noticed my surface cleaner was hosed. I told my guy to use the wand to cut in all the corners while I got it working. I go to the truck and spend like 20 minutes fixing the issue.

I return and the customer is sitting on her back deck and says “It’s still not clean”… I explained we’re starting the surface cleaning process now and you’ll definitely see results once we’re done.

So I do a section about 10x10, just a single pass at first, some of the area dried so I was going to put more pre treatment down. before putting the surface cleaner on it.

As soon as I cut the machine… “It’s not clean yet”… “It’s not clean yet”… “It’s not clean yet”… I explain I’m putting down more pre treatment so we can finish up this section before moving to the next…

“But the spot you already cleaned, it’s not clean yet…”

I just ignore her at this point…

“I could call my daughters boyfriend and have him do that”

I didn’t say another word, I loaded up the truck and left. I didn’t ask for a dime, I just left before I said what I really wanted to…

What pisses me off is I only did a single pass, hadn’t even rinsed it yet… Had I told her “it’s done, what do you think?” and she had complaints, that’s fine… but she was complaining during the process. I paid my guy out for the day and drove my happy ■■■ home.

So… am I the only one that’s had to deal with this level of crazy?


ive had this one lady, she kept telling me “your not going to use the wand sprayer?”, as I was using the surface cleaner. I just laugh and said “no way”. I must have had to say it 5 times.

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Sounds like you need to figure out what you’re doing. Why would you do a 10 by 10 and let it dry. And then pre-treat again. You can tell whether it’s going to take one pass or 2 in like 3 steps or actually ahead of time.
All you had to say at any point is Mam, I’m not finished. When I’m finished if you aren’t happy with the results you don’t have to pay me.


It might have been a little bigger than that, but it dried while I was fiddling with the surface cleaner.

and take your annoying attitude inside at a safe distance from my dangerous chemicals… :rofl:

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Not too many pressure washing thankfully. I did have this one shady guy/slumlord that wanted an old little breadbox house done. Washed the house but the detached garage had really old, nasty paint peeling so I skipped it.

I had to call when I was done as he was floating around the city in his truck somewhere and he asked why I didn’t get the garage. Apparently he thought I was going to "pressure off all the loose paint’ so he could repaint it.

I had a neighbor of my customer yell at me because I got water on his house. The houses are very close shore homes. Threatened to sue me. It was funny at first but he didn’t stop.

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lol. What’s happening to America?

Well, we had 4 years of an orange faced idiot in office followed by a white haired Alzheimer’s patient. It’s a wonder we aren’t crazier than we are.

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If it’s any consolation it’s not better in Canada, our woke dictator clown/ prime minister is a real shame and does not represent most Canadians.

And y’all don’t even have real bacon. Belize looks better all the time.

Mmmmm bacon

I’m not sure what your bacon is like but ours is excellent, especially with eggs cooked in Homemade Canadian Maple Syrup…

Now i’m hungry.

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It’s just words. If it bothers you, then your power comes from “walking away”. If you are beholden to the dollar, then you have to stay and take it.

Rather than give you some obscure bs, let me give you a game to play so that you can cope when someone is getting under your skin. The easiest defense is to agree, just say yeah or yep to anything they say. Here is the key, only use one word answers. Are you rinsing that? yep. When? Soon. Using a wand? nope. Why not? I don’t. The other guy did. Ok. You don’t know what you are doing. Ok. Your ugly, your mom hates you, your dog left you for a cat. yep.

here is a fun game to play:

Pretend to be hard of hearing, do the lean towards them while cupping your ear like you are straining to hear them. Do not stop working. Watch as they are practily screaming at the top of their lungs, face red, for you to hear them, then just wave them off. Do it a couple of times and most of them will get frustrated and leave you be. Hold up one finger indicating that you will talk to them in a minute, then continue washing the house for another five to ten minutes, watch the frustration build out of the corner of your eye. Go to put your gun down like you are going to walk up to them to conversate, then say something like oh no, and run back to your rig, check anything stupid like the unloader or the skid for your machine, grab a tool or two if you want added effect, then run back pick up your hose and start spraying something. You are an actor, play the role. Just good old fun.

For a customer you think you might be getting an earful from, put on earmuffs, safety first!. Just aplogize later when collecting the check and say something like, sorry, I didn’t hear you and that their waving to you was interpreted as just a friendly gesture.

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You can’t fool me. I’ve seen your bacon. It’s round. Bacon isn’t round. It’s swine heresy.

So i Googled it and apparently what they call Canadian bacon is not what we call bacon in Canada. I have rarely seen that “bacon” in my life.
Everyone i know eats bacon in strips🥓, not round. Strips are what you get at a restaurant, at the grocery store and everywhere else… Puzzling

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Round bacon what in the actual f@@@ :laughing:

Here’s an article explaining the difference.