Asbestos siding

Had a lady call today about cleaning two sides of the house and a carport. It’s a 1300 square-foot house and I would literally be there for 45 minutes.

Its asbestos shingles??? Never heard of it, did a little reading. Seems like a pain and not worth the $120 but i have no clue.

If it’s asbestos shingles I’d make a wager there’s 4 coats of paint over the top minimum, all different outdated colors. Asbestos is safer when it’s wet. Lol

You should be fine.

From what I’m seeing though it seems like the possibility of chipping and flaking is possible. And a very hot mix would be needed??? Which is an a problem because I use soaping tips only and the weather is kind of warm for us right now

I am a certified asbestos remediation tech. @squidskc is somewhat correct. As long as you are using low pressure and do not fragment the fibers you will be fine. Any pressure at all can create dust. It would be best to stay upwind and wear an half mask.

But if it’s any consolation I walk away on all asbestos work. For that low of a number I would trot away like King Arthur image


Yeah don’t use high pressure at all.

If it’s painted it should be washed like any other house. If it’s unpainted, which is not at all typical, the homeowner and all the neighbors May be entitled to financial compensation.


I shouldn’t joke about this at all… but this is all I thought of when I read your post


Lol, yes its painted… no clue what kind of shape its in…

I walk like this



I’d walk. $120 is not worth the trouble.


Ive been shut down for 2 months since baby got here… was gonna take small machine and knock it out, thought it was vinyl.

And id have to wear a mask? Nah im good… that would also mean id have to buy a proper mask.

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You don’t really have too wear a mask. If excruciatingly painful breathing is your forte about 20 years from now then give her the ol college try!

Thank yall for your time and professionalism. I will not resort to name calling now.

I live in an asbestos shingled house with asbestos insulation, sheet flooring, and ceiling tiles and I’m fine. Here I am going to teach my granddaughter how to play golf.

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no wonder you always wear a hat… that head is slick than owl crap

My parents and all their neighbors houses are asbestos siding. You can remove them without any special protection. You can break them with a hammer and have no protection. Short of putting them in a wood chipper and standing on the other side there is no issues with them. It’s been so long since they have been used as siding they are most likely now painted with at least one coat of paint. So washing them is the same as washing any other painted house. You can rinse them with a red tip and you’ll be fine.


No worries, just wash it. Kinda like washing Hardy though as it has a texture that stuff clings to.

A homeowner can. Asbestos is not regulated at the homeowner level. But you can’t safely break it with a hammer without a mask. We run air samples at work when we’re poping floor tiles. Kinda the same difference. Air samples always come back hot.

So while we’re in the Christmas spirit-

A lot of actors and actresses now have cancer that acted in winter or Christmas movies. They used to drop snow on them made of asbestos.


I know zero about safety but popping tiles in doors I would think would be different than breaking shingles outside.

All it takes is one fiber to enter the lungs. Ever smelled a fart outside? Just because you are in the open doesn’t mean you can’t breath it!