Artificial lawn

I’m sure that, since I’m a rookie on here, that this should be in the newbie section but it isn’t really a question. Had a job yesterday where the homeowners backyard was artificial grass. Not turf, grass. I bought some Krud Kleaner because it didnt have bleach in it. The home owner insisted on it. But the main point of this post is that the home owner had a scrap piece of the grass and I ran a few samples on it. I poured the krud Kleaner on 1 side and then 10%SH just to see if it would bleach it out. After almost 36 hours I see no change. I rinsed the artificial yard thoroughly even with the krud kleaner. I’m confident I didnt damage the grass. Since I haven’t seen anything on artificial grass in the search I thought I’d throw this out there. Do with it what you want.


That is good to know… zero chance i would clean anything where the homeowner is dictating what to use.

Good thinking on getting a sample to test on.



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Funny thing. The very first bid I gave had a dog run on one side of the house with this stuff. It was covered in leaves at the time and I didn’t pay close enough attention. Did the job and noticed when I got to that side that it wasn’t real grass. It had HW mix all over it and not a single negative reaction. I, too, do not wash anything where they try to tell me how to do my job. In that case I got lucky but now with slightly more experience I would just thank them for their time and head on to the next one.

I said the home owner insisted on a non bleach product but i guess I should have said that I mentioned using it and then he got on board with the idea. I saw that the Krud Kleaner was not bleached based so I felt a little safer with it. It really didn’t work well. I had to hit that side of the house twice and wipe some spots with a rag. Fortunately the house wasn’t very dirty. I’m going to continue to monitor the sample and see if it changes over time. Thanks for your feedback. I’d post pics but i dont believe i have enough posting power here yet.

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It’s probably like awnings/outdoor furniture. If the sun doesn’t fade it bleach won’t. At least for the short amount of time it sits on it