Armstrong Clark

For those who use their products, where is the most reasonable place to purchase it? What has been your experience with their stains and do you believe it is worth the expense? Just curious as I have two high end clients that are wanting full deck and fence restorations. Thanks guys!

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Hey Aritt- I got my Armstrong Clark stain from the nearest distributor who sells it here ACR Products, Inc. and the stain we got was Amber. We did a house and 2 decks with it last year and it came out awesome. Definitely worth the expense. AC is a great product!!

“The Pro Sealer Store” sells & ships Armstrong Clark. They also have great service, very quick shipping. Jake at Armstrong is an awesome person to be able to call and get your staining questions answered. Great company, great product.

I also buy mine from ACR Products. Armstrong Clark is my preferred stain to use. It is a top-notch stain and easy to use. Yes it costs a bit more than others like Ready Seal, but I find that its coverage rate is much better. This tends to balance out the price difference. Plus, Jake Clark is an outstanding professional that is always happy to answer your questions or concerns.

Amen! I’ve spent hours on the phone with Jake. He’s a great down-to-earth guy who goes out of his way to help out.

Andrew J. Theis
Integrated Power Washing

Thanks guys! Solid information from the PWR guys!

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