Are you using direct mail?

I have been doing some EDDM and plan on doing a lot more this year with these awesome PWRA cards. I have used WCRA cards and modified them for pressure washing and the return has been phenomenal.

I plan on using EDDM starting this year…

I have used the “Wash Away the Winter” for the second year and it is doing awesome. I’m highlighting the whole house package and roof cleaning. First job paid for the whole mailing.

I used the “Fall Checklist” card last fall. I’ll definitely use that again this year.

There are some killer pieces coming down the pipeline.
I can’t wait!

I’m hoping we can get some ideas from you guys who do direct mailing…to date everything we have tried for 3 years had been a HUGE flop

The pre-tested member cards are awesome. There is at least one direct mail webinar in the member section that will walk you through the process and we will be talking about it a lot in the member forum.

I do a mailer via EDDM. It is a co-op I started to decrease my cost of direct mail.

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Welcome Michael.


You may want to give this direct mail manual a read, its a light reading and explains it all to the letter.

LOL Of course. Expect anything less from an SEO guy? Now if I can get my avatar to show.

Thad, How many are you mailing at a time and how often? Whats you rate of return? I have been using Valpak for windows and it’s been doing very well for me. I average 10-15 new jobs a month with 10,000 a month going out. Starting May 1st, the back of my Valpak ad will feature pressure washing as an add on service. Hoping it will do well also. I have not tried any of the WCRA pieces yet. I am locked into Valpak till October. So far I am happy but I want to look at other options as well. I want to try EDDM.

Email it to me, I will put it up for you.

How much does Valpak cost for 10K inserts?

$540.00 per 10,000 and discounts if you advert in multiple areas. I am pretty sure I can send out a decent amount of eddm for that much or less.

P.S., I like how you answer a question with a question. A true salesman… lol

I have a guy who mails a higher end penny saver type magazine, he gets to do a ‘d card’ with the post office to mail a postcard with the mag. It’s not inserted just given to the postoffice together sometimes they don’t even hit the mailbox the same day.

Long story short 60K pieces at .13 per, includes him printing and postage.

Now if I only knew where I could find a good card to use?

Michael Kreisle can you explain little more on the co-op how did you find another person co-op with are you sharing postcards also

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If you find any let me know!

Can anyone hook me up with some power washing flyers that would be great! TIght budget and i’m just diving into the biz! my email is Thanks!

I am also tight on money would like to know if there is templet out there for flyer and postcard something generic.

If you’re tight on money don’t waste it on a generic card. Those “here is a picture of a house. Oh, and we do pressure washing and stuff…” cards are generally a waste of time- nothing attention grabbing. I gave up on self-designed stuff and generic stuff as soon as I had access to these cards amd they really work.