Are you kidding me!?

162 tickets so far for the 2013 Pressure Washing Convention, excluding vendors.

This is by far the biggest pressure washing event and trade show of the year already and a huge pile of direct mail will hit this week to pressure washing companies within easy driving distance of the convention.

Do you have your ticket?
Are you going to miss the biggest, most exciting event of the year?

Get your ticket now at Pressure Washing Convention 2013 .

166 now.

Thad, the wife and I probably won’t be able to make it. If I remember correctly, the tickets are non refundable and non transferable. If you want, you can use my two tickets for a last minute giveaway, or something. Bummed we won’t be making it to the best pressure washing event of the year. Maybe next year.
Thanks for everything.

Once again I don’t get to meet the elusive John Wyatt

Meh, it’s the wife everyone wants to see, anyways. Maybe I can send her.

I’ll entertain buying one of them. In all honesty, cash flow is king and I am not looking for reasons to spend right now. First year in and just figuring out what to expect when in this game. If the going price was a winner I’d take one off your hands.

The purchase of a ticket to this event would be well worth the money. Especially for a first year guy. You would learn so much. It is killing me not to go. It would increase my knowledge, and in turn, increase productivity and cash flow. You’re close enough to drive. It would be silly for you not to go. The tickets are non transferable, so I wouldn’t be able to sell it to you, anyways. Just bite the bullet, and go. You can thank everyone later.

Maybe I will make it after all. Just picked up a $4,300 window cleaning job.

Tear it up and head this way.


Whoop Whoop, you go boy.

4 days. The wife will probably have it all spent in 5.

No comment!

If the wife is happy you’ll be happier:) go for the gusto and make it there. In the long run you’ll be better off for it.–Have fun.