Are You A High Quality Cleaner?

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Unless you want to get into a bidding war with fools, quality and service must be the thangs that you focus on with your business.

But what is quality?

Imagine with me that your wife tells you that she is in need of a new pair of shoes (What’s new, right?). Being the awesome husband you are, you immediately hop on the internet and start researching the best pair of heels known to mankind. You really want to outdo yourself and get her the best that money can buy.

You find a local store that carries these heels and off you go. After spending a weeks worth of income you head back to the house to surprise your wife. She is going to be so excited. These heels are made from imported dolphin lips and lined with kangaroo hair. Her feet will feel like they are walking on clouds 3 inches above the ground.

These shoes will make her legs resemble those of movie stars. Her friends will be so jealous. These heels are of the highest quality, how could anybody not love them?

You are probably asking yourself where I’m going with this, isn’t is suppose to be a hood cleaning site? Just stick with me for a second.

So now you have the shoes all wrapped up and you hand them to your wife. She opens them.
Her face goes from a huge smile to one of confusion. What? She’s not happy with them?
“These are nice, but they’re not what I wanted”, she says.
“But they are the finest quality in the world”, you scream. “How could they not be what you want?”
“I wanted running shoes”.

Quality Isn’t What You Think It Is

So how does this relate to cleaning kitchen exhaust hoods?

I’ll tell ya. You can talk all day until you’re blue in the face to a potential customer about the benefits of foaming technology and the super duper scrapers that you use and it can mean absolutely nothing to them.

Bare nekked metal should always be the standard, but sometimes other things hold higher value than how every spec of grease has been removed from a corner of a duct that took you 3 hours to accomplish.

Quality is giving the person exactly what they want/need.

To some owners, the time factor is what they are looking for. They may be paying an employee to stay behind while you clean and couldn’t care less about how wonderful you downstreamed their system, they want to get that employee off the clock as soon as possible, period.

Sometimes it’s how you leave the kitchen when you are done is what quality is to them. You can clean the exhaust system good enough to shave your face from, but their kitchen is a mess when they arrive in the morning so to them you do a poor quality service.

See what I’m saying?

Find out what your customers want/desire then give them that. You will be seen as a high quality cleaner. That doesn’t mean to hurry up and leave the duct looking like it hasn’t been touched. If you are bidding a customer that doesn’t care if you touched the fan or not as long as you are in and out of there within an hour, then find another customer.

Target your marketing better. Advertise what YOU offer as a company and find the accounts that want what you offer.

Your Turn:
Have you ever disappointed a customer because your idea of quality and theirs were two different things?

Tell your stories below.

This article is about hood cleaning but it splits to any service. Have you ever discovered that you were spending too much time on something that your customer didn’t care about and missing their big hot button?