Are these things true?

EDIT: Overlooked the word “tile”

No, but with enough stupidity, you could probably make some of it come to reality.

I must have missed something, blank post?

Wow that covers so many different issues. My first thought would be ok just stay away from here it’s just trouble. Though there are some finer points.

First, They are overreaching their authority, they can’t tell h/o’s who they can hire.

B, How could they enforce this?

3rd, Their facts are obviously off base.

D, This is an interesting case for association law. Most associations are considered private property but that varies by state.

5, As far as their declarations go a few things come up, do they really say that and do they enforce it? What products do the landscapers use, how about pest control services? They can’t selectively enforce just one trade.

Unfortunetly some of these HOA’s can and do become specific where they want you to let them know what types of chemicals your using and what they won’t accept. We had this in the past where we were told chlorine/bleach can not be used in our bid and we had to show the MSRP of the chemicals we would he using. That was a pain and yes we did get the job. The cleaning itself took a little longer with lower then my expectations of what a good cleaning should be but they were happy and we have done that condo complex 5 times at least already. Oh and the old board is out and the new board doesn’t ask for what our cleaning chemicals are… So where back to using fresh wash now with you guessed it— Chlorine:cool: