Are these figures possible?


The WS202 is 21LPM (5.5GPM) @3000psi. That’s the pump - but will the GX390 get those pump numbers?

If so, that’s my next pump and gearbox sorted!


No. You’re a couple horsepower short


More like 2500@5.5. Common setup for the 390


That’s what I thought :frowning:


There would be a few Pi$$ed of customers if they believed that listing then. Still, he’s sold a number of them…


I found another supplier selling the WS202 and the specs say it needs 7.35Kw - the GX390 has just over 8Kw?

I guess you guys use them and these guys build them - that’s the difference.


It’s not that, it’s just vendors lie. They do the same thing in the states.


I’ve had a bit of trouble with less than 3000psi, that extra 500psi from 2500-3000psi I could really do with :frowning:

Lucky, I almost bit the bullet and paid the man.


Have you checked out the Bertoli pumps, I was reading some specs sheets the other day where rthey could be used at either 1450 or 1750 RPMs, I can’t see how using pulleys and a belt couldn’t achieve the 2 separate speeds, I read that belt drive can be expensive, I don’t really understand how, buy some pulleys with the correct inner diameter to suit the shaft of each, then add a belt = belt drive ? no?