Applying g chemicals and rinsing

I am a newbie trying to get started and want to do it right and want to know if this is correct order

  1. Rinse house off first while chemical nozzle is out of solution tank
  2. Put chemical nozzle in tank,switch jrod nozzle to soap and apply
  3. let soap do its job 5 mins or so
  4. take nozxle out of chemical tank
    5)switch nozzle to rinse and rinse house

I do not have chemical by pass on set up yet.

Thank you very much.

No need to pre wet house shouldn’t take 5 minutes for soap to work 2 is plenty. please please please at this point don’t do a customers house. practice on yours and family members

That is what I plan to do.

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That makes you smarter than some of the new guys that have recently been on here. there’s a lot of good info and people here. the key is to read through old posts. you’ll learn a lot about what to do as well as what not to do