Apartment complex bid question

Good morning all!

I have recently started my pressure washing business in the North Metro area of Atlanta after a lot of research, but I still have a ton of questions! Thank you to everyone that helps make this site so useful!

I am interested in pressure washing the concrete for an apartment complex that has 9 buildings total. 2 of them are 3 stories and the rest are 4 stores (again, only doing concrete so a lot of stairs and walkways). I currently have a Dewalt 4200 psi 4gpm machine and a 18 inch surface cleaner. No water tank, and a 250 ft hose. I can get the concrete surfaces of a the buildings done here in about 4.5 hours.

Now my questions are:

  1. How do I go about getting the overhead views of the complexes/buildings that I’ve seen some of you post here? As well as the specs for the complex like sq footage etc

  2. i know it’s hard to ballpark an estimate without these specs, but given the time of 4.5 hours per building what would be a good estime price? The complex is only a few years old and I haven’t seen any tough issues on the surfaces. I can get everything up with my cold water machine.

  3. Do I need a water recycling unit to do these kinds of jobs in Georgia?

Thanks in advance for your replies!

We clean a lot of apartments in Atlanta and Warner Robbins. No reclaim if water doesn’t hit the storm drains. If you aren’t cleaning the walls in the breezeways when you do the concrete you are going top have a mess. You need to be away about 30 minutes a breezeway to be price competitive. Google earth

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I appreciate your response. 30 minutes for 3-4 stories of a breeze way?
Also could you give some insight on pricing for a job like this one?

No help on pricing. You might very well be bidding on apartments that I clean.


Thanks anyway