Anyone Want to Clean Some Rock

Approximately 80 year old historic stadium with approx 15,000ft of original rock walls that they want to look like new along with cleaning the rest of the stadium. The rocks themselves starting to break down and I won’t even mention the mortar. Got lichen older than me on it. The funniest thing about it when I met with them today was that they had someone bid $2000 for the whole job. They laughed at him. I figure my soap and SH will exceed that. Going to take probably 3-4 applications before even thinking of washing it in places. @Atlas, want to come have some fun next week or 2?

Link for pics - Dropbox - Shareable Stadium - Simplify your life


Looks like fun.

It’s one of those jobs that a love-hate. Would love to do it, but going to be a real PIA. Plus it’s a good hour away. Because a public entity, they’ve got to get 3 bids. I doubt I’ll be the cheapest. Almost one of those jobs that if you win, you’ll be wondering what you missed in bid, lol.


Racer, would you not consider doing a single pass first with just water, maybe turbo nozzle, to knock off some of that moss so that the sh will be more effective and you wouldn’t have to use a million gallons of sh?

In theory that would be nice but in reality I wouldn’t get within a mile of this thing with a turbo. I’m worried about damaging it with my m5 nozzle that puts out 400 psi. I’ll have to use pretty wide fan with it. They mentioned not damaging it 4-5 times and when you see it up close, it’s not in the greatest shape.


That’ll make some great before and after shots m!

@Racer Man, I think I would run from that. Sounds like they want the world for no cost, along with you taking responsibility for their stadium in poor repair. Could you treat it like a roof wash and soak it then leave it for a few weeks to a month? I know it could discolor the stone a bit, but it sounds like they are more concerned about the mortar, and I would think that would be the safest route for the mortar.

I was trying to think of a way for me to come help, but I’m still getting my setup to be efficient, so I don’t know how helpful I could be.

I very seriously hope they were laughing at how low the other guys price was!

If I was that worried about such low pressure damaging it further, I don’t know that I would touch it based on them mentioning “damage” 5 times. I would hope they aren’t looking to create an insurance claim and get some free repair work done but in this day and age, nothing surprises me.

I can’t remember his name but there’s some cat on here that cleaned rocks for a customer but couldn’t get them clean, or something like that.

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No, it’s truly has a lot of history, they just don’t want anyone coming in there blasting it. I’d be the same way if it was mine. They’re doing some pretty good upgrades. Small community so the ballfield is big part of their history and current social environment.


I remember. He needs to come work with me for a few days. lol.

Understood. It does look like a neat stadium. I’m sure that would take some time. If I had extra time, I’d come down and work with you.

I know you know, but I really like the Prosoco on stuff that’s sensitive. It works but does cost more in the long run, they have a bunch of products as you know…be good before and after pics that’s for sure.

Umm, those pics look more like something unearthed from an archeological dig.
What is this ball field called? The Coloseum? Lol


That would be a great project but very time consuming. If they hire the wrong company, it won’t matter how much they save it’ll still be ruined and no amount of insurance will fix it. If you want it, I hope you get it.

Lol he was probably second guessing if he was too expensive as well, rounded it down to a nice clean $2000.


I’d say only about a 20% chance I’ll get since I seriously doubt I’ll be the lowest and I’m pretty sure a school district will go with the lowest. I’m already backed up because of weather and they need done in next 30 days. It’s going to be 6-7 days probably for 3 guys.

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That’s been my experience with school districts. I bid on washing a high school and the winning bid was about 60% less than mine. I laughed and went about my day. It’s amazing how cheap some will work.

Have you ever looked at the bids people make on certain government projects? One municipality by me shows all the bids for each project they hire out for on their website (after they chose a company to go with). The prices are all over the map. I mean some are literally millions of dollars apart. It’s crazy.

That literally made me lol! Also quite true. I’m guessing it’s going to be about 15-20k for a reasonable bid.

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