Anyone using the poly titan swivel?

I have a titan SS reel, and am looking at adding a poly swivel…anyone try them and how has it held up?

I haven’t tried it but I’m anxious to see how it works for you.

Michael K. posted a picture of FB a while back of one. Not sure if it was a titan swivel.

This is the one I use…

It is the plastic one in the picture. It is a Green Garde® brand swivel

Green Garde® High Performance Hose Reel Swivels Model 388

Developed Specifically to Meet the Rigorous Demands of the Spray Industry

38848 RDII 1/2” Plastic Swivel

It has been holding up very well.


Is that a direct replacement for the stainless swivel? I had a poly swivel from pressure washer products but I’m not using them anymore. The poly swivel I had from them just started leaking pretty bad and it’s about 1.5 years old (I’m happy with that).

Oh!! I haven’t tried yet. But looking forward to use it. Thanks for telling me something new.

My professionals use 18" aluminum Titan with super swivel and aluminum manifold.

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I haven’t tried it but I’m anxious to hear how it works for you.