Anyone using hannay reels for soft washing/roof washes?

Need to get larger reels and been thinking of either the 22" hannay or 22" titan. Presently using titans for soft wash and hannays for pw.

Anyone have experience with hannay with soft wash system?

Call them up and ask them to sell you a CPVC 1/2" swivel. I don’t believe you can get them from Super Swivel

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I’ve always been intrigued with Gorilla reels

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@Infinity how’s the 12v reels holding up.

You went w/titan correct?

How many feet of hose you running?

225’ and had to couple on another 100’ for the last 7 or so jobs. Getting old real fast.

The Titans are holding up fine.

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I have a Hannay for mine. I have 275’ of 1/2" on a 1520-17-18.

Hey Brian @marinegrunt, are you using it for dedicated soft wash? We have aodd pumps and can run up to 10% sh through them. Worried about the hannays as we only us them for the pressure side.

It’s going to fail at the swivel first. Have you looked into the CPVC super swivels yet?

Not yet, thanks for the tip though @dperez. Have had a couple seize up on the titans and now have 2 spares for each setup.

Cool, as mentioned go through Hannah R&D as I believe Super Swivel makes them only for Hannay and not the retail market

Roger that, thanks!

Yeah, it’s for my 12v setup but I’ve never ran anything over probably 5% though it. I also don’t use it daily so I can’t comment on longevity of it. Sounds like that CPVC super swivel that Dezmar mentioned ought to work great!