Anyone use a Chemical Remote Control

Have any of you guys used a Chemical Remote Control from Russ or any of the other suppliers.
Just wondering how well they work and If they are worth the investment.


I use a cheap small remote made for 12V diaphram pumps that I purchased at PWMALL under Ag and sprayers, below is the link

its made to connect and provide 12V power to a pump, but it could be modified to energize a relay and therefore cutoff power to a running engine (kind of a remote emergency shutoiff)

I think the product that Bill is looking for is a chemical injector remote switch so he doesn’t have to walk back to the machine to switch from house wash to straight water for house washing application and not an engine on/off switch.
Bill, I looked into a system like this and have found that most guys in the fleet washing end of the business have one or 2 on board to be efficient while washing trucks. For us in the house washing end of things I haven’t found the need to be in a huge rush since we need the HW mix to dwell on the surface. Depending on the weather I usually apply house wash to 1 or 2 sides then rinse right away and walking back to the truck to switch to straight water. If you go on Michael Kreislys YouTube page you can get great pointers on the process, he, as well as a few others have some great tricks to be learned.

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Chemical Remote Control

less trips to the trailer saves time and money. I will eventually pick one up.

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Thats the one I was looking at but will fit it in an enclosed van and was wondering if it would still work while shielded.

It will work in a van. You can make your own for less than$100
5 Gpm vs. 8 Gpm injectors - Page 4

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I used several different remotes and I am here to tell you, I don’t use them any more. I searched and built my own with a real good long distance remote. If you are using 300-400 foot of hose and going up and down and around opsticles it may be worth it, but if your just doing house washes with 200 ft of hose, I would much rather have full flow, over a remote.

You will probably have to do some modifications to that one to work in a van. Extend the antenna or mount it to the frame

Any time your injector stops working, now you have to check the injector, you have to check the remote control, batteries, and valve to solve the problem. And I usually had them act up once a month

So I think they are a nice tool to be familiar with and have available, but they require a lot of maintenance and are basically a pita IMO BUt they are super cool