Anyone needs one or a spare K7

This is a heck of a price.

Envirospec has K7 unloaders - any size on sale for $79


Thanks, that’s almost a direct swap for my K1’s. The 8 GPM is bypassing too much water when I am on the surface cleaner and I can’t get it to adjust to a trickle so off to Envirospec I go.

The new owner Dan Galvin is doing pretty good revamping the ole Allison mentality.

How do you get the $79 price. It was higher when I went to check out. Says $79 is contractor price.

Well you’re a contractor aren’t you?

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Scroll down to k7 on the right column and click on size you need. Then will pull up sale price

Not yet licensed. I’ve been reading and getting ready to start purchasing needed items. I really appreciate all of the info that I have gained from reading these forum posts.

K7 wouldn’t work on mine would it? Says 3500 psi max.

Do you have a business name picked out? That’s about all you need to open an online account with most suppliers and get “contractor pricing”. I don’t think they care what your licensing status is. Just that they’re not selling to Joe Blow the homeowner.

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