Anyone need this

FOR SALE hudson float valve


$30 shipped

I’ll start the bidding at $3.50 shipped.

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I’ll go in a $4.50

Ah come on man! I NEED this win.

I’ll match his $3.50

I’ll resell it to you for 4.99 shipped, although my dog will get to use it as a chew toy first

You don’t have anything better to do? Why don’t you go find a house to wash😁

$3.51 and I’ll post a review on Wish for you :+1:

Okay, jerks. Final offer. $3.50 and a half empty bottle of WD-40. No spray straw.

The straw is a deal breaker for me. My last one got clogged the last time I hit the slopes :ski:

Fine. Then I get the valve for $3.50 since you have forfeited the auction.