Anyone Here "Vape"?

Sounds like a silly question I know, but just wondering?

I have been smoke free since July, none, nada. I didn’t like the patches, gum and other stuff.

So now I vape, do you?

I thought ‘vaping’ was some kind of dope thing.

Do you mean the e-cigarettes? My dad does those now.

I have been trying to get a few of my staff members to do this… Im selling it as: “Cmon you can sit your desk all day and smoke”

So far no bites…

I can remember a day when I could.

UUUuuuMmmm…No Idea on the first, and yes to the second…And Chris, it’s not smoking, it’s vaping. :slight_smile:

I quit because I was loosing my voice (Not Because Of Cigs) because I had a polyp on my vocal cord. Let’s face it, me without a voice is like a bird without wings, not good at all. The Doc said it wasn’t cancer but needed to be removed. He asked if I smoked which of course I fessed up to. He said there would be scar tissue after surgery and that he wouldn’t advise smoking again. That was all the sign I needed and stopped that day.

My Wife works for the Hospital System in our area and told me the other day that the Doctor that did my surgery (in July) has terminal cancer and is not expected to live very much longer, he never smoked.

Life is full of twisted irony. After 30 yrs of smoking, seems it should be me that has cancer instead of a Man that has done so much for so many people. I am Blessed.

To quote Jeff L…Life Is Good!

A lot of the guys I work with smoke these “Blu cigs” electronic cigarette things. They sell them at like all the gas stations around here.

I use to smoke and for two years now I have been on the proveri. Variable voltage rocks

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E-Vic here, VV & VW rocks! I’ve heard Provari’s are sweet!

Dang Double post!

I quit cold turkey

Logic. Electric cigarette. They’re no bad either

You Sir are a Rock!

its been years since I quit but I still get cravings every now and then, like today when a tire blew out on my box truck, the guys let the water tank go dry and it was over 100 degrees with humidity - UGH!!! glad its over

me too, October will be 9 years. quit when I found out I was going to be a daddy. still smoke cigars. and jim I lived in Galloway and worked at Atlantic county Harley back then


My helper smokes. When he’s working there is no smoking in the truck, no smoking on customers property or within view of the customer, no smoking while in my uniform.

We agreed on the electronic ones and now we are both happy

I have officially just passed the 24 hour mark no tobacco. Got a itaste SVD and I’m done with the cigarettes. I want to quit and I think that’s a prerequisite however it’s done. I hate them. Embarrassed of myself when I think of what I look like smoking. So glad the ashes everywhere, nasty smelling, money pit is over. I quit smoking for 10 years, then started again for 3 or so years. I was in the absolute best shape 3 years ago. Was on a roof last week inhaling deep just from one climb of the ladder. I decided there I was done with it.

After only 24 hours I already feel less tired and more active. Can’t wait to start training again.

Hey Man Good For You!!!

You can do it Buddy!!!

Almost 15 months now, after 30 years. Best life choice I ever made.