Anyone here put up something on Craigslist seeking work?

Well, as the title says… Been thinking of trying this. What’s the worst that could happen…? I wasted a few calories pressing the keys to type out and post the message? It’s not as though it’s going to cost anything. Let me know about any of your experiences. Thanks.

(I am not seeking advice on any other form of advertising, this is only about Craigslist.)

We post on craigslist and have good results. Get do get some lowballers but over all craigslist keeps us busy and best of all it is free!

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Thanks very much! For now, just to get off the ground, I need some low-cost (okay, free) advertising like that. I’ll seek more diverse modes later.

Craigslist is great, advertise buy stuff sell stuff. cant go wrong long as you do it right

If all you’re going to loose is a few calories, then why waste time typing here?