Anyone ever clean asbestos shingles on the house

How would you clean asbestos shingles on a house… (the customer is begging me)

Approach it the same as you would a normal house wash (vinyl ect…)

I always pre-wet any painted surfaces first just to be on the same side.

If It makes you feel better, just do a test area first to put the nerves at ease.

I use to do them years ago but it’s not worth the risk to me or my guys anymore. If you chip or break any of those shingles or they are somewhat disintegrated where their flaking, the dust particles can go airborne and that’s not good. Even a shingle falling out and breaking on the ground is trouble.

Also my Dad has asbestosis from his own business and he told me years ago to stop doing them.

Aside from that just be extra careful if you want to clean them and charge more because of the risk factors.