Anyone else having problems with siding bleeding

Ive been noticing lately that im having more and more houses with the siding bleeding from the weep holes…is it just me…ive been using less pressure any ideas???

It happens. Most often for us is when the siding that we are washing is not the original siding to the house.

Some are worse than others and we do not use pressure so I assume that it is too much water volume going where it does not belong.

I’d love to know the definitive answer but I don’t have it yet.

Make sure you are at a angle to the house, and try not to shoot straight up into the siding.

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It’s always worse when the house is next to a farmer’s field and the siding is oxidized. We’ll rinse as gently as possible but it happens. I always tell them before I even start.

The condo job we walked from last month had active excavation going on for months beforehand with the same heavily oxidized dark siding. You could spit on the siding and dirt would just pour out of everywhere for days.

I hardly do any vinyl siding and threads like this make me glad I don’t.
I did a vinyl relo cleaning last month- $475 for 45 minutes work. Except I had to re-rinse one side because of weeping vinyl.

I hate the stuff.

Lol, hope your kidding. $475 for 45 minutes is where it’s at!

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when you say it was weeping are you talking about the water mark stain it leaves?? I hate those things

I priced it over the phone. It’s in the next town over and the house looked a lot bigger on Google Earth.

He needed a rush job and he was happy.

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