Anybody running another business?

Ive seen 1 other post like this but it was quite old so i wanted to revive something new! Anybody running a second business? We have been talking about getting a shop in the next season or so and as we get closer so many new ideas have popped into our head. Me and my partner love hunting/firearms in general and attempted to go shoot some new stuff we got today. Headed down to the range (theres not very many one time fee “just go shoot” ranges around here but this one is one thats actually close) it used to be roughly $35 a month unlimited and we went to resign up today and prices were $50 a month or $20 a session. At that price we decided to go shoot at the hunting land instead. However, after that piece of info we had thought about when we do get to build our shop, why not add on another section with an accessible gun range. Even at $35 a person/month 50 active members would bring in $1750 which would most likely cover all or a large portion of the monthly mortgage/expenses with the right piece of property and mortgage term. This was just a quick “off the top” idea but sounds like it might be a good one!

Any of you guys also run a second business? It seems the only real way to run a service business and another business at the same time would be an ecomm type without spreading yourself to thin but thats just me!

I can almost bet insurance on a gig like that would cost a fortune! Insurance companies HATE guns. Would be super fun though!

It would for sure be another business venture we would love to get into in the future! We have met some great people going to the range in the past!

Indoor range? I know the ventilation systems alone are crazy expensive


yeah from what ive seen youre looking at about 12-15k for ventilation

My parents and I run a small trucking company. Lots of money to be made moving stuff around. The investment and operating cost is much higher than washing but the equiptment last 20 years the more if properly maintained.

Here are my two most recent higher paying jobs.


Very nice! I agree, we also looked into hauling for copart as they were looking for drivers. Yes it is a higher start up but our issue was storing the trucks and trailers without a shop

Storage can be an issue fortunately my parents live on 40 acres so we made a lot bit enough for our couple of trucks.