Anybody in Texas looking for free labor in exchange for knowledge?


Hello all,

I am very new to pressure washing. I have been reading on the forums & have been fortunate enough to be in communication with @squidskc who has graciously provided me with his advice & expert knowledge.

If he where closer to me I would gladly buy him lunch or dinner, a few beers & work for him for free in exchange for in the field practice & knowledge.

Unfortunately he is in Missouri & I am in Texas. So I am looking for someone in the North/East Texas area who can share their knowledge & experience with me in exchange for free labor. I live in the Tyler area & prefer to stay closer but would be willing to travel for the right opportunity. I’ve been told I’m a fast learner & will continue to educate myself by reading on this forum & other online resources. I’m not lazy & definitely not scared to get my hands dirty lol. I am not going to just stand around & ask you questions, I want you to tell me how & what to do for you & help you be more productive.

I recently bought a trailer set up & plan on taking it with me if it will be any help to you.

Please let me know if you are interested & we can exchange contact info.




@OvermanPowerClean interested in some free labor/apprentice?


What about Florida ? I have 520 units starting in a couple of weeks I even pay the right apprentice


I am in Florida and am just getting started (no equipment of my own yet) and am wanting to learn. Where in FL? I am in North Central Florida.


Jacksonville area


Going to bump this just in case a fellow Texan missed it & needs free labor.


Dude you better believe it! Ive set up 20 interviews this past week with a grand total of (drumroll)…1 guy actually show up…45 minutes late…wearing shredded jeans and a def leppard shirt.


I’ve been using labor ready. Different guy every time. But they always show up. They get paid daily from labor ready and I don’t pay for them for 7 days. $12/hr. $2 less than I’d pay a helper and $4 less than I’d pay a full timer.


But are they coming with any experience or are you training people everyday?


It takes about 30 seconds to show someone how to turn on valves, tell them to make sure I always have hose, and tape over outlets and bag off lights.

Wednesday, I’m showing one of them how to x-jet, look at their watch or phone, and rinse off after the dwell for EIFS that he won’t even have to get on a ladder for. In prep for painting. If he messes up, it’s not really the end of the world.

Partnered with a painter and one of the houses had dead vines up the side. One of them pulled a ladder off the truck and pull down vines for 2 hours. Easy stuff that can be done while I’m washing. Some days we have 4 houses. It’s been worth the cost to have the easy stuff done so I can just wash.


No way I could go through that everyday. Invest into two full timers…make your life and ability to grow your business way easier.


It’s definitely a temporary solution. I’m struggling to find a full timer. Had a guy hired who came highly referred from a repeat customer and aced the interview.

Day one, no call, no show, haven’t heard from him since.

And frankly, it hasn’t been that bad. Part timers and subcontractors have worked out beautifully up to now. I’ll start looking for full timers again around February.


I hear ya, almost be willing to pay $20 an hour for good employees.

I’ve had my fair share of bad ones. More bad then good


What area of Texas are you located?


Im based out of San Antonio, 15 minutes from New Braunfels


That’s what I pay. I’m in coastal so cal so the cost of living is higher here but you can’t expect to have GOOD help at close to minimum wage.


You might be able to request to have the same person everyday that you need them. I’ve done that before when I used a service like that. The guys you have come back are usually cool with it too because they know what’s lined up for them.


Overmanpowerclean I’m in Houston. So close yet so far


I’m in a different area nearly every day. Some of them get rides or use the bus. Ultimately, I’m waiting to find one of them that I feel good about offering a job to.