Anybody in michael’s path it’s 1 mile away from a category 3 hurricane


All you Carolina boys looks like more rain heading your way . Keep those sand bags up


Condo, panama city beach Ill be in a truck driving towards it as its passing storm shutters already in place


Is your condo on the first floor?


It’s now a cat 3 . Homes 1 mile from me are already flooding. Tide is still coming in. Tomorrow’s high tide is supposed to be 6-8 ft higher . I should of kept my gheenoe


Near Waycross it’s done dumped around an inch Mathew got the haybarn . Think we ready as we can be got the generator ready.


Where in Florida are you?


Just north of Tampa


Looks like you dodged a bullet


Sure did flooding is still going to be pretty bad though. Not for me but for many . Both of my properties are way above sea level.


Hope everyone stays safe out there!


Never had to worry about flooding. But it seems like we are tornado alley when the weather gets bad!!


That’s worse I think


No thankfully storm shutters on all windows & doors, wife is try to stop me from leaving before storm has past


CAT 4 now boys . This is big trouble for the the panhandle of FL . Homes built in the last 10!years near the coast are built to 150mph wind load . Currently winds or 145mph


Prayers for everyone in it’s path!! Bad for the panhandle going to be awful


Someone is loving this sea breeze we hardly ever get :grinning: Joker is snoring lol


Storm getting bigger… good luck and stay safe


:disappointed: i thought the hurricane killed your dog for a second


U would of thought he was drove by him on the tractor he didn’t budge


Some heavy sideways rain here right now.