Anybody have any experience with the saimese kit?


Tried being civil.
But with punks…tits for tats is the only way they could hipefully learn


The popcorn wasn’t to enjoy your input, it was to watch IB and the rest rip you a new one.

As far as not knowing where he got the stealing accusation from, i thought he made it pretty clear in this post.

Here’s another example:

Your website:

Not only does the soft washing method clean surfaces, such as you roof, deck, patio, siding or fence, safely and thoroughly, it also maintains paint and masonry longer.

This article:

Not only does the soft washing method clean surfaces, such as you roof, deck, patio, siding or fence, safely and thoroughly, it also maintains paint and masonry longer.


I guess you have your answer. I would not have been able to answer that question anyway, both my machines are identical GP pumps 4.5GPM @ 3000 PSI I have both unloaders set at 2,700 PSI, so when I let off the trigger I hear them engage into bypass within a second of each other. I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable using two dissimilar machines, but that’s me.

My system works awesome. I have so many options, I love it. I did a small house the other day and used one machine and took 90 minutes, I really doubt a 8GPM would have shaved any time off that. However I did a monster lake house last Tuesday that I needed the 9 GPM for and it still took 6 hours. I have done that house before with just the 4 GPM and it took 8 hours, so there is a difference with the higher GPM.


@Ikii you are a thief because you steal web content from other people.
You are a liar because of what you accused your trailer manufacturer of.

Why you have no , decency, integrity, or moral fiber could be because of any number of things. You constantly give bad advice to others. In short, you are not one I would trust to feed my dogs. But that’s just my thoughts based on what I have read from your own hand. Im sure in person it would be much worse.


You dumb fuck…

Thats is my website, my business.

I own Karla House Cleaning Service.

We split the business so we can remarket it, and get more business.

For a stalker, 1/2 wits one, anyone can see that KHCS is owned by the same.

You could of just asked, or say where you found the info in question. This could of saved a lot of grievances. And we could of started well off. I stead you went off, completely off.

As far as the trailer goes, it is between me and the trailer manufacturer. No use of arguing on the forums. We solved it between ourselves.


Do you also own the business in Florida that had had the same web content for 9 years.


Or how about mildewbusters in VA? Own that one too. If you notice, I never posted anything about karlas home cleaning. Stop the profanity and speak like an adult. My opinion if you has changed none. It takes a person of low character to use profanity in a public setting.


I pointed out that you stole your content back in Sept. It’s now Dec. No hurry to change your ways?


What makes you think people have to explain themselves to you. Or correct you;do a good job of coming out as an nitwit without help.
You leave a first good impression.
I read a lot when I joined before posting.
Just because someone has a different experience or does something different from what you know, it does not make them wrong.


I don’t care that you clean wrong. That only helps other contractors. It is the thief and liar part that I can’t stomach. Even worse that you don’t seem to care and keep coming back on this forum like there is nothing wrong with your credibility.


Keep posting all you like. I’ll be there to point out that you are not to be trusted with each post


So now i clean wrong…because?
I dont clean the “way” you do?
Only you know the perfect way? You have the right combo?
I rest my case.


So you have changed your web site and acknowledged that you lied about your trailer?


Get a life, serously…move on.
Dont hijack peoples posts


If you have duplicate content on your 2 websites and much of that content is identical to other websites, Google is harsly penalizing all of you. Google’s algorithm hates duplicate content because it shows the sites may not be legit, so all of you (including the original author of the web copy) are getting socked in the teeth for it on your SEO rankings.

My advise is for you to re-do your websites and eliminate all duplicate content to rank higher.


@BuzzLightyear can probably help you with your website


Wth does lkii stand for anyways


Why would you put a picture of a house you destroyed on the front page of your website… dude I think that’s what he means about doing it wrong.


Will is a fiercely loyal person. If I were going into a life or death situation I would be glad for him to have my back. He might rub you the wrong way, I know, he did me too until I understood that he has these unwavering principles that he won’t budge on. Good for him, we need more people like him who know what they they believe and defend that belief. You might see it as trolling but he makes good points about your post that if you listen to actually would be helpful to you.


Call the reason we still have Karla house clean service with the pressure washing is because we’ve been doing this is that way for so many years that people still have our phone number and contact info
, I wasn’t aware about about Google’s penalisation
Once the season starts again probly around February or early March then we will only market the pressure washing under the new business and

, Until now we’ve been doing all the business under one name Kind of limiting ourselves but we have been doing good by service in our existing clients in new ones just came in by word-of-mouth

Now with a new business name and splitting the services we can Huffily reach new clients