Anybody have any experience with the saimese kit?

I’m looking into this after it being suggested here. I searched and found nothing assuming I spelled it like to saimese my 4gpm and my 4.4 gpm together while I save for an 8gpm. That way I can invest in other necessities like a commercial SC and other things so I’m prepared when I make the machine purchase.

Has anyone done this? How do you like it? Any issues? Does it matter that one machine is 3500psi and one is 2500psi?



Russ Johnson at Southside Equipment is who i most often see mentioned as a vendor who sells it… dont know if others do. Call him, and he can tell you everything you need to know.

Search siamese here, and there are several threads. Google ‘siamese kit russ johnson’ and there are threads on other forums, as well as Facebook.

Here is a thread from this forum, where Russ weighed in on the discusssion:

Thank you

I have mine setup that way. What do you want to know?

I found most of what I was looking for… I’m still not 100% sure on how the psi works.
If one is 3500 and the other 2500, basically you get 2500?

You are going to have a lot of headache

Can you elaborate?

Nope. To much typing for someone I don’t know


Both machines have to have the same psi and ez start unloaders.

Innocentbystander: I appreciate the honesty haha.

Ikii: from what I’ve read the psi can be different but I don’t completely understand how to figure out a final psi. As far as my unloaders Russ said what I have is good

They don’t have to be same pressure but you won’t get the highest of the two. Ignore the comment about easy start. He throws or random gsrbage to mess with people. Typical thief and liar dribble. Trapped pressure unloaders without easy start are n eeded. Way easier and safer to buy the machine you need instead of patching two together.

Are you on Facebook? Join the group ‘pressure washing friends’ and search the group for the word ‘siamese’. There are like 20 discussions with tons of good input, from people that use them, and Russ. Other groups have more discussions.

Someone asked this question about an 8 @ 3K and a 4 @ 4k, as to whether the 4 should be turned down to 3k… Andy Vickers said:

Yes psi settings need to match on both unloaders based on the lesser

Russ followed with:

It is best to. An occasional slip will be okay. We just don’t want to overload the lower pressured system.

So based on their input, you would be running at 2500 PSI. Whether anything would change with your specific setup, i dont know.

I was curious to see the feedback from people that use them… I didnt read every thread, but i never saw anyone complain. Obviously it’s best to have a single machine pushing what you want, but those that have used them seem to like it. Here are a couple comments that stood out:

We use it everyday. No reason to price shop. Russ Johnson is the one stop shop. Just order and you’ll be setup in a few days. You’ll be amazed how much time 8 to 10 gpm will save you.

Whatever machine has the lowest psi is going to be the overall psi. You will also need a certain unloader for both pumps. Best thing i ever did by the way

I dont have any experience with a siamese kit… im just relaying what 10 minutes of searching/reading turned up.

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What he said. Imagine an arrow pointing up. I just don’t know how to do it

^^^^^^^^^ :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. Yes I’m on FB and will join today.

The reason I’m inquiring about this is bc I have the 2 units already. I’m a brand new company starting part time. I plan on buying a bigger machine but am trying to avoid debt at start up.

That punk and with his trash comments as always are dumb.
Half the time is is as ignorant as rats ass.
When i called to find out more about the siamese kit they told me that ez unloader is better and that you have to have both machines at the same psi.
The asshat only has a tunnel vision and he thinks he knows it all.
I still have no idea where he gets the stealing from or that he tried to have me lied about.

Just grow up and focus on your business



Per Russ Johnson, from Facebook:

Both machines must have trapped pressure unloaders without a built-in easy start feature.

Then I am wrong.
But he had me souble check my machines i had from NT

Is there a button to remove someone’s like? I have enough on my plate without the PWRA mafia thinking i am in cahoots with another knucklehead. K thx bye.

^^ sarcasm.

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