Any thoughts on Angies List?

Anyone here, have any experience advertising on Angies List?

worthless unless you have reviews… priceless once you do… I currently do advertising, I get 3-4 jobs a month from it.

I get them here and there. Definitely get more calls once you have more reviews. I have a buddy that is getting a lot from them but he has like 30 reviews

Yeah they don’t let you advertise with them unless you have an “A” or “B” rating and at least 2 reviews. I got two reviews and the next day they were calling me to advertise.

I have about 30 reviews on Angie’s List. I do real well off it.
I do not spend anything. Usually I get 3-5 leads a week from it and they are typically great clients who are pretty much sold when they call. They regularly start the conversation with things like “your clients really love you on Angie’s List I would like my house washed”.
They try to get me to advertise all the time but just don’t see the reason. I am still the first listing after the one or two that pay.

You cant advertise on sort of, you originally have to be listed on it by a member, then as long as you have a certain amount a reviews and are rated a you pay to be guaranteed on the first page, I have done both ways and for me it roi is not their to pay to be on first page, stick to getting a lot of reviews and the leads will come.

I do great with Angie’s List. But do not pay. No need to pay if you have the most reviews and great presence.

If you don’t mind, how much were you paying a month?

I paid this year for the first time. Reviews have skyrocketed with the big deals and storefronts. Now that we lead our market in pw reviews, I might re think paying next year


If you don’t mind sharing what your big deal was vs. your storefront deal. We just put down a years worth of advertising dollars with them and now they want us to start both campaigns. Right now all we have is reviews for window cleaning. No way I’m touching a big deal for window cleaning. I’ve read guys having success with deals on gutter cleaning and pressure washing, but I got to wait till we get a review from a member until we can advertise those two services.


honestly, windows worked great for us a few times. Some idiot in our market just ran 33 windows in/out for $85. Those guys ruin the market. I’ve ran both 10 and 15 window deals and had success.

On a pressure washing note, I’ll post my big deal.

Storefront you just have to play with. Big deals automatically turn into storefront deals, just cost a little more.

try one for driveways or concrete. Store front is all about the testing of what your market wants. Maybe roof cleaning.

Here’s a link to one of my big deals

$249 Extreme Exterior Home and Walkway Pressure Washing | Angie’s List Deals

Thanks Dave. Wow… 33 windows for $85 :confused: Thats painful to read.

Ugh, tell me about it.

On a better note, we went from 4 to 31 reviews this year. I’m looking forward to the future of what Angie’s list will bring. No more paying tho. I’d rather do mailers.

So you’ve obviously had success with AL, so why stop paying? You feel the ROI on mailers is better?

I want to do it here but it’s 400.00 a month in Raleigh that’s web only. The full package was 1100.

I could have punched the guy when he told me those prices.

Negotiate, I’ll bet you can get them down. They wanted my renewal to be about 385. I told them 225 take it or leave it. They took it.

To be in the magazine was an extra 700!?! a month:confused: We got all of greater Orlando (three large counties) with web and mag. which broke down to around $375 a month. From my understanding, your price is dictated by number of members in your city.

I think when you get your reviews to a point, running a big deal or 2 a year the keep rotating storefronts, no reason to advertise monthly.

once you have spent the first year, I think it’s safe to take a step back and let the reviews and deals do the work.

I believe the value is in the reviews an citing your al “status” in other advertising.

That was probably the call center too. I’ve had the most success online, just a modicum of success with the magazine.

I like the outbound advertising if mailing. Even if you send out 10k mailers and break even, its 10k people who now have had a “touch” of your company. Another few touches, and they are yours. It’s why we flyer around all the areas we mail to. I’ve heard about guys having great success with mailing for pw. We have done alright this year, but nothing out of the norm. I’m just gonna keep priming that pump… It’ll come sooner or later