Any recommendations?


Any recommendations on how you all effectively remove these back stains from standing water?






I’ve tried a SH mix on these type of stains before and haven’t had much luck. Looking into using F9 for this job.


Probably best to provide that info from the start


If that concrete has been sealed I’d bet it’s underneath the sealer. This topic was covered in another post and the guy stripped the sealer, everything cleaned up beautifully, and you can reseal it if you want or sub it out.


You can barely see them the rest of the concrete is so dirty. Clean it all and then ask.


Bidding on the contract. I suppose I can do a sample piece.


I’ll keep that in mind in the future.


Try aluminum brightener or straight hydrofluoric acid. HF kills wear ppe. you may need to treat entire surface to blend together after stain removal