Any PWers in Calgary?

Looking for any suggestions on a good supplier in Calgary. I may have an option coming up where I can afford to get a new build going, but need advice on who to see. I have logged enough hours here now that I know what I am looking for (-ish), so it’s more equipment availability, and when I am making big purchases I like to talk face to face.

The reason I say Calgary is it’s about the same driving time (5.5 hours one way) as it is for me to go to Vancouver, however:

  1. Would like to save the 7% tax I would pay here.
  2. Vancouver sucks. I hate going there.

I have already searched out some dealers in the interwebs, but looking for some local knowledge. Not looking for Hotsy either if that helps.


Im in Sask, but good luck finding any distributors that carry all the good chems and equipment that you see on this forum. Calgary has, I know they sell 5.5 hot units and water fed pole stuff, but not sure on any chems. You can get EBC from sherwin williams on 7275 11th Street S or 101-12100 Macleod Trail S, and also I-XL Building Products carries lots of the eacochem stuff. I buy about 80% of my stuff from the states, sucks but pretty much my only option. Hows the competition out there?


Thanks for the share :slight_smile:
Yeah, I am having to place an order from pressure Tek for some chemicals, hey some good stuff and be done with trying to find comparables. I may just order my equipment from them in the long run, hopefully we have a good exchange rate day or something lol.

Competition is pretty high out here. Lots of guys doing house wash, gutters and window combinations that are pretty established. The commercial and agricultural market is more open though, and I may pressure that angle to keep the work coming. Roofs is pretty wide open as well which is where my focus is now, trying to get experience working with another contractor a few cities away to learn.
Pretty much at this point the summer slow down has hit with a vengeance, so just canvassing and getting a feel for what people are looking for to further tailor my services.

@MPS I am not sure if you are aware, Bob does not ship to Canada.
You will have to have a brokerage company bring it in to Canada for you.
Expect to pay about 2.5 times the price you see the product sell for at the
Pressure Tek site, after you factor in exchange rate, broker fees, etc.
@Chris the sponsors of this forum sell pressure washing items also If he
sees this , he will chime in on their shipping policy to Canada

Thanks Bill.
I had forgotten which store did ship to Canada, I knew one if them didn’t. Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: