Any idea what this white stuff may be?


I’m fairly new to the business. I tried searching garage door but didn’t find anything like this, I rubbed my finger on it and it turned white? Any recommendations on how to go about cleaning it?


Have you tried washing it with water yet?


Anyone wana buy some poocorn


Are you saying that you rubbed your finger on the brown door and it turned white? If so, my solution is to walk away. Nothing good can come from a color changing door.


Not yet, I just went by to give the estimate and noticed that. It may be as easy as just using a wet rag and wiping it off but i was just wondering if anyone here had ran into this before.


Correct, if they accept my estimate im gonna try and just use water and a rag to wipe it off first, if that doesn’t work I’ll tell them im not doing the door.


Dead skin lol


Looks like whatever that black soaker hose is spraying all over the place is the culprit from the pic to me…


Whats the pitch of the roof like above where the pic cuts off??


I’ve learned the hard way to make those determinations before submitting the bid. That said it looks like splash back off the cement. I see it on quite a few of the G doors we restore and it does usually wash off with water and a little elbow grease.



What the hell is that hose doing along the bottom of the door??

Some weird shit going on there.


That answers me question…seems like its splash back off the concrete coming off the roof could be wrong tho


Just spoke with the client. Turns out it’s kitty litter residue… should just come off with water and elbow grease as someone else said…