Any experience with ez pour bleach?

Hey guys, so at Wal-Mart they have this ez pour bleach that is a lot more vicsous than normal. Have you guys ever tried it? That wouldn’t damage my machine right?

Not sure about store bought bleach but anything you put in your pump other than water is not good.

Sorry, I meant when down streaming.

It’s overpriced. Get the regular concentrated bleach, or the 10% SH pool shock from the pool section.

As far as damage: if your injector can still suck it up, it’ll work. The dilution created by the injector would negate any possible negative results. But there’d be no point, really.

As far as viscosity is concerned, that’s more of a marketing ploy so as not to"splash". Th e advice about pool bleach there is spot on. No pun intended. It’s more about the SH % at price per ounce/container etc… I have used it to Downstream and does great. 5 years of DS’ing with same Honda GX and no problems. Just be sure to run plenty of water afterwards through machine and tube/filter in the bucket. Just like you would clean your pump ups. Good luck.

Y’all do understand that if you are downstreaming then no bleach is getting in your machine?

You don’t have any chemicals going into your Honda and shouldn’t have chemicals going into your pump if downstreaming all chemicals are behind the pump

Yes, but if you don’t rinse the lines, the next time you use your machine chems will be there. Same with pump up. IBS… I appreciate all your advice and wisdom on this forum. I also just try to help those with questions I had through the years. I’m not very technical, but have found what works for me and I have saved alot of money over the years. This is a great place to keep learning.

My lines are rinsed every time I’m spraying water. That’s what the 3 way ball valve is for. Point is, when you are downstreaming no chems get in the machine/pump. Only when upstreaming