Any advice for new business

Hi all. Im new to forums in general. So I believe I’m in
The right spot… I have been pressure washing part
Time for 5 years and decided I’d like to possibly do this
Full time… I am fully aware that I’m not gonna make
A ton of money but at the same time I would like to
Take all the proper steps toward forming a legitimate
Company. I am located in Maryland and I am not sure
What business license is needed. Any help would be
Greatly appreciated. Also any pointers on educating
Myself further in the industry would be great.

First thing I would recommend is to do a search here on the topics your interested in. Ask as many questions that come to mind. Then I would look to join the PWRA and use as many benefits as possible to benefit your business. From there I would look to go to a PWRA event. Considering you just missed the Event in PA this past weekend I would look to try and go to the PWRA convention in August. These things are goldmines where you can network like crazy with other contractors to pick their brains.

In between all the above make sure you have a business plan in place with “realistic” goals and enjoy networking with guys right here:)

Welcome John Dye.

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Licensing in Maryland can be very straight forward, depending on the county you live in. You do not yet need a Home Improvement license to do power washing but you will need one for staining decks.

Operating a legitimate company requires insurance for a variety of reasons. Check with Joe Walters Insurance but consider joining the PWRA first because they give us killer discounts…

And please, drop the thought that you won’t make money. Instead, focus on getting educated, getting good equipment, doing top notch work and then learn marketing so that you can attract customers that value what you have to offer. Then, you can make a ton of money.

One more thing. Hit the space Enter key once in a while, it makes it easier for us old people to be able to read your posts.

Welcome home John Dye. You’re going to like it here.

Welcome to a fellow Marylander!

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