Another surface cleaner question

Hi folks. My name is Ralph and I am new to this forum. I am not new to the pressure washing business though. I ran a business in New Jersey for six years and had to give it up for personal reasons. Now I have relocated to Florida and I am starting all over. I have extensive experience with deck and wood restoration, with over 800 decks under my belt but now that I’m in Fla, it’s a whole new ballgame.

Now my question! I am going to start out with a 4200 psi , 4 gpm machine, I would like to buy a GP hammerhead surface cleaner and would like to know if it is compatible with my machine?

I am not going to go all out right away because I am not too sure what kind of market I am dealing with. Seems to be saturated with extreme lowballers all over the place. I need to make a decent living at this, not $12 an hour (I’ve seen that on craigslist!)

It sure is compatible. What pressure you want to clean with, and considering the surface to be cleaned, will determine the tips that you need.

HI Tim. I will be using the washer for mainly residential driveways and sidewalks. Not sure how I am going to handle house washes. In the past I used my pressure washer but I am keen to the idea of softwashing. I plan on doing roofs too, because I am sure I will be asked…this is Florida! What pressure do you recommend for residential flatwork and what size tips should I get. In the past I really didn’t do much concrete cleaning so I never got a surface cleaner.

One of the beauties of a forum such as this one is that as questions are asked and answered, they are cataloged in such a way as to benefit many future participants. I’m not even going to tell you to use the search bar, I am simply going to suggest that you begin reading the most current threads in this category and keep reading a while. There you will find my report on the residential process’s that I have found effective for flatwork. You should use that as one data point in your journey to find what works best for you.

You probably can’t afford “softwashing” at this time, but you can’t afford NOT to learn about “downstreaming”.

Welcome to the forum RalphQ

Thanks Tim. Putting on my reading glasses!

Yes. My 4200/4gpm machine works great with our 18" Hammerhead. It might be 20". Either way, it works well.