Another New User--Hello! (Also a question...maybe four)

Hey, everyone! I purchased the WCRA/PWRA membership and this is my first post–hello. I started window cleaning in October here in the Pacific Northwest. I had a miserable winter and decided to add Pressure Washing to my business to try and rake in more money (plus it’s way more exciting). I’m only at about 2-3k per month right now…barely enough to survive.

I advertise by going door to door in nicer neighborhoods, using business cards I made on vistaprint (that no longer say my business name because that was before I was legitamized).

My next steps: Get bonded and insured–getting quotes today; Get surface cleaner; Finish putting sides on my trailer; figure out a better way to advertise so I can actually work more than 2x week; learn, survive, grow.

Questions: I found a 20" inch surface cleaner on sale at a local shop. It’s going for 669 and it’s a hydramotion sidewinder. Is that a good deal, and will it work for me? I bought an Mi-T-M 3kpsi and 3.5 gpm on offerup a few months ago for 575. It’s an 11hp.

Sorry for long post, just introducing and getting any and all advice. Thanks!

Hey and welcome. The sidewinder is a good SC from what I hear, but it will be a struggle for your machine to push it at only 3.5 gpm. The number I see commonly tossed around is around 4" per 1 gpm. You’d probably be fine with a 16" but 20" will be too much for your machine IMO.

Other advice would just be to save as much money as possible and reinvest in a higher GPM machine when funds allow. Good luck!

My learning experience with my first driveway today. 1. Buy the correct surface cleaner for your machine (I had to go real slow). 2. Invest in reels. (Yeah I looked stupid wrestling with the hoses.)

4 in per gallon for surface cleaners
get a 16 in whisper wash, and you should be fine.Its also cheaper at around $400 and probably better than hydramotion. A 20 in is way too big for a 3.5 gpm machine

Thank you to those who have replied. I’ve definitely heard the 4 inch per gallon, but the sales rep said I’d just have to walk slower, but the larger diameter would make up for it. If the whisper wash is really 200 cheaper, I’ll go with that. Recommend any good place to get one?

Also thanks for the suggestion on the reels. I bought a 4x8 trailer but not setup yet. Reels are just one more thing I don’t need in my truck bed right now, but food for thought later. I think I’ll steal our plastic yard hose reel to start :wink: Can’t beat free!

A sales rep is just that, a person trying to get you to spend your money. Im guessing he doesn’t do this for a living just sells parts. running a 20 in SC will not be fun or effective.

You can buy here or the other great vendors we all use.