Another LOGO post.... but, I need some help

Ok, as some of you know my logo is $#!^ That’s what I get for going the “friend” route. The problem is it’s not in a vector file or whatever and it doesn’t print well nor can it be made into an embroidery. The second problem is, I LOVE the general theme and design. Is there anyone you know of that can build me one from scratch and make it look like what I have now but without the background? I just want to be able to put the logo without the background on anything or color I want. The spray pattern in the current design is a photo so it can’t be used in a vector file or whatever. Input, help, advice is all appreciated but please tell me there is someone that can get this done and make it POP!

Thanks guys!

I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again…Call Keith at KBK Graphx…you’ll thank me later…Lol!

I second that. Keith is the man!

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I googled KBX Graphics but couldn’t find a website for him? Got a link?

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Welcome To KBK GraphX

Thanks guys!

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So is there any updates on this? I’d like to see how it turned out.

It should be ready next week. I’ll post it when he finishes it

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Sounds great. May I ask how much you ended up paying for it? And how will it be incoorporated into your existing website?

175 for a rework or 250 for a from scratch logo. I’m having a rework. I will go in and swap it out on my site. Not a big deal. The great thing about my new on is it will be independent of any background. This will allow me to put it on anything I want without covering much and make it easy to create stencils of it. It will be everywhere!

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I’d say that’s a very fair price for a new face outwards. It’ll probably be very worth the investment.

Ok guys, this is my first proof… give me your opinions, please!

I think it would look better if the wand was a complete pressure washer gun and wand.

IMHO, Great improvement over your existing logo. You may wish to have the designer show you a draft of the logo with the words AQUA TEK in all the same color…just my personal preference but yours is the only one that counts. :slight_smile:

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Keep it coming guys! [MENTION=444]Tim[/MENTION] what do you think? [MENTION=7184]Guy[/MENTION] ?? You guys are always very opinionated but in a good way! Lol

I was thinking about adding in some neon to make it really pop. Just not sure

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I am a KBK fan.

The mans work walks on water.

Not everybody feels that way but I knew I liked your logo before I opened the file.

He is just that good.

He nailed it.

Pay the man.

Keith is just awesome! Like Tim said, I liked your old logo just needed tweaking. I like this too. Only thing I see is looking at a different font for Aqua Tek…something a little easier to read, and slant it a little more to the right so it looks more “In Motion”. Keith doesn’t mind tweaking here and there. Tell him I said hello.

BOOMSHAKALAKA!!! What do you think?

Winner, winner - chicken dinner! That REALLY pops!!! very nice.