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So here we go guys I’m getting into the pressure washer business I mainly want to do it part time maybe like a weekend warrior type a thing. Here is what I got so far I got a 20 inch surface washer 4200 psi 4gpm pressure washer, 200 ft pressure washer hose 100 feet 3/4 inch water house and all the tips necesary.

Now I want to set up a 4x8 small trailer because I’m tired of working off the back of my truck I want to be able to hook up and go, so I ask you guys what else do I need to set up a small trailer with a pressure washer and soft wash system


Here’s my rig that I wrote about in another thread:

I have a very basic setup geared toward house washing. Everything is mounted on a 4x8 utility trailer that I can pull with our xB:

  • 5.5gpm pressure pro (2500 psi)
  • 55 gallon buffer tank
  • 10 gallon chemical drum for downstreaming
  • pressure reel with 200’ on it, as well as 100’ and 50’ spare hoses coiled up
    supply reel with 100’, and another 75’ hose that I usually leave coiled separately, but there’s room on the reel for it if I’m running into jobs where I need a lot of hose.
  • tool box with odds and ends
  • random accessories like traffic cones, push broom, extension poles and scrub brushes, etc.

Btw, what do you plan on using the “soft wash system” for?


Sidings and Roofs


I know this thread is old but got any pics of that setup?



Thanks! What hose reels are those?


Wow this pic has solve a lot of problems for me.!! Thank you @Infinity