Another fitting question about fittings


Sorry, I know…

My Cat pump came with a female QC on the high pressure side. It seems to measure 5/8" but can’t get a bead on this.

I need a male fitting in case I rent a surface cleaner with a female connector.


I think its m22


It should be a 3/8 QC. Post a picture?



I’d take a pic with the fitting off but it’s pouring out.

If it helps any, the fitting is marked ‘OEM’


I agree on the 5/8, i was thinking different manifold until i found your pump pic.


Does this help any? Has 7100019 on it as well.


It’s 3/8… it’s very common. You can buy from pressuretek, or amazon or local hydraulic hose repair shop, or local pressure wash supply store.

I’d go through there and buy different variations of 3/8 and 1/4. You’ll always need them


Ok thanks, I need to find a local PW supply.


If you need it in a pinch (tomorrow) you can pay 400% markup at some hardware stores… ACE usually carries the Apache brand


No kidding, ACE Hardware has fittings? I was just there to pick up some oxalic.


Shux, i didn’t think it was that small.


Home Depot has 'em but I’ve forgotten if they were stainless steel. If you can you want SS.


Makes sense now, it’s the inner diameter that is 3/8".


Errmm, sort of. Do a little reading on “nominal” pipe measurements. Once upon a time, pipes’ inner diameters matched their labeled sizes. Since then, wall thickness got thinner, and it’s the outer diameter that became standard.