Another chemical mix question

I understand mix ratios but my question is this. Right now I’m doing a lot of weekend work, but plan to start doing some during the week as well. If I mixed up a large batch of SH house was mix. (30 gallons) how long would it “be good”? I would mix 12 gals of 12.5% SH, 18 gals water, and 6 oz of elemonator. If I mixed it before use would it be ok for it to sit on my trailer as is?

We use an ounce of elemonator per gallon of mix. Keep the mic cool and in shade (same as storage protocol for bleach) and you will be fine.

I prefer mixing smaller batches, so I have the ability to change my dilution as the need arises.

What happens when you mix up your 30 gallons, and when you get to your second job, you realize you should be downstreaming straight SH to treat some nasty growth that won’t budge with your current mix?

That may be why I’m not getting the Cling I need. I’m not using enough elomonator. That stuff is awesome btw.

That’s a very good point.