Andrew Theis

Please welcome Andrew Theis from Integrated Power Washi […]


Welcome, Andrew! Was good to meet you at the Nashville event.

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AJ! Another Ga guy! Welcome and nice meeting you at the event!

Why is my avatar so big? lol This is my first time seeing it outside of tapatalk!

I’m not sure but if you send me the file I’ll resize it and send it back.

You’re not the only one with a wall portrait sized avatar :slight_smile:

Edit: Does this file have enough detail to use?

or this?

The bottom one looks good to me! But then, I am looking at it on my cell phone again. I’ll try to make sure I fix the Avatar sometime soon.

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Good looking fam josh. Good to meet all of you too. Ted I need the infor for the chem we talked about at the show, for the clay

It’s called redox. Do you still have the number?

Welcome AJ.