Amazon services

Has anyone received calls from amazon requesting to be a service provider for them? I got a call a few days ago. I’m considering it. Atm I’d prefer not to pay for a lead but if it ever gets slow or I scale more I’d probably regret it. Has anyone had any experiences?

Someone on here said they were trying it a few weeks ago. I’m guessing it’ll be similar to Home Advisors. Bad pay for bad jobs. That being said, probably not a terrible idea if you need to fill in some slow days.

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Honestly You would be better off with Google Adwords.


If it’s anything like the e-commerce side they take 1/3rd of your revenue and then if it sells well they chew you up and spit you out by branding it themselves at a cheaper price. How that model relates to a service business I’m not sure but I guarantee they’re not looking out for you.


Yea I’ll pass. I never used HA for these reasons and this sounds like an HA type service. I’d rather keep my own lead fees.

I’m already doing adwords and SEO. Staying busy enough between SEO and word of mouth. Google maps has been the best. I just didn’t want to pass up an opportunity. Sounds like it’s not one.