Always use a filter befroe the pump

Here is a picture of poly shvings from our tank stuck in the check valves of the 8 gpm pump. We got in a hurry to get a machine on a truck and running.

Thanks for sharing that hard lesson learned with us.

Thanks for the reminder. Mine still sitting in the box it came in.

You guys have a filter to recommend? Is this something to just get at pressure tek?

This one from PT works well.

1" FTP In & Out Clear Bowl Water Filter - Low Pressure Filters


Tim how are you i was wondering if you think this will be good for me my washer is a 4200 psi 4 gpm
I need a filter and was wondering about ball valve here is a link

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The link is empty. What is the part number?

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1" FTP In & Out Clear Bowl Water FilterCode: 4455-1

Brass Hose Swivel 3500 PSI 200 Degree 3/8" MPT x 3/8" FTPCode: 3491

3/8" FPT Heavy Duty Ball ValveCode: 6292

Yes on your selections.

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