Always read and reread the fine print! SMH

I just bought $500 worth of coupons from KEC through Constant Contact for $400! Great deal, right? Yeah I thought so! I had been thinking about getting me another surface cleaner so I though this would be a good way to save $100 on it. The problem is the coupons $100 each, plainly state, only one per visit! Geez! I thought I read all of that fine print but I guess I missed that… oh well! You can’t win em all! LOL

Sell them to guys one here for $80 a piece and they save $20 and you get your money back.

May do that or I may just hang on to them. I was just saying I’m a bonehead! Lol

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At least you know your next few orders at KEC are paid for. Either way you still are up $100.

You still save $100 on your surface cleaner. You just have to buy a extra $400 worth of stuff. Lol

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LOL!! It’s not like I can’t find anything I need! LOL

I’m just glad I have picked up enough work to buy a few extra things.