Aluminum Awnings

If you click on this map & you zoom in…the 2 buildings on either side of that big center dial have aluminum awnings over each floor. What’s a good price to charge to pressure wash them? They are at least 200ft long, so no way to get a pic of them. But on the map you’ll see how long they are. I just need a rough idea on what to charge to wash them. Any & all idea’s are welcome.

These awnings you see on the left need to be power washed before the windows will be cleaned. How do you price this service?

Whenever I am completely out of the realm of a formulaic bid (doesn’t happen much at this point, but it’s possible) I do a test spot and estimate time X price per hour and go from there. Either I hit it right or at least have a formula for the next time I bid a similar situation.
Sorry I can’t give you specifics for this particular situation. Hopefully someone who has done something like these will chime in.


Thanks for your response. It is tough not knowing how long it will take, so just need to come up with a number & hopefully they’ll accept.

are you using anytype of awning solutions, or are you just streight Pressure Washing. I was always under the empresion that when giving a bid to charge 10 to 15cents a sq ft. give or take a little.

I’ll be using a degreaser, pump spray it on…let sit 5 min, then pressure wash.