Alright I'm bout to get a belt driven PW

What is a good brand that’s not going to break the bank??? I have a direct drive northstar 4000psi 4gpm I love it but I think I’m going to up grade to belt driven and have the other for a back up or when I need some one to help me

What’s your max you’ll pay for one ?

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If you’re mechanically inclined and know machines, check out your local craigslist and buy used . If you have the mindset of other people here -just go ahead and play it safe and buy a brand new one and pay more.

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Pressure Tek has belt driven with a general pump on it 4000psi and 4gpm

price ? and shipping cost ??

That one from Pressure Tek will be in your price range (albeit at the upper end) after you include freight. KEC Supplies has a 5.5 gpm, 2500 psi machine for a bit more than $1300, not including freight. The trade-off of course is the lower psi…not really a concern if you’re doing mostly residential and the occasional driveway from what I’ve read though.

it comes with a QC’s Remote Chemical Injector …woo hoo— Now how do you figure the darn shipping cost on this silly website ?

I got have 4000 PSI to run my SC

I do residential and commercial

Remote injector how’s that work

You have to have 4000 psi?
5.5 at 2500 is a “better” machine for residential as long as your not running 300ft of hose all the time.
I have both a 4@4 and 5.5at 2500 and the extra gpm is way better for everything.
I got mine form kec is the shipping was 200 to ship to texas if that helps.

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Yeah, if you’re doing a lot of commercial then 2500 psi won’t quite cut it. However, if you’re doing a lot of commercial, you’ll want to add hot water sooner rather than later. I don’t know if that’s in the cards for you now, but that’s just my two cents.

I have a hot water add on

you have alot of work lined up ?

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I like both these ideas and I use both philosophies for work and play.

If I’m buying a “primary” piece of equipment that I’ll use heavily and/or is intended as a significant upgrade that I’ll keep for a long time, I buy new.

Examples, work van and pressure wash trailer were both purchased new. I’ll accept I will depreciate the heck out of them but I benefit from the warranty, less maintenance and peace of mind from implied reliability

If I’m buying a “backup” piece of equipment or something that would be nice to have but not essential then I’ll keep an eye on auction sites for something second hand.

Examples, I bought a range of different length PW wands and window cleaning extension poles, road cones and traffic barriers all second hand.

If I’m buying a “toy” that I want but don’t " need" then I always buy second hand and broken because I enjoy pretending to be mechanic.

Examples, my motorbike, pump for the well that powers the garden irrigation, VW off road buggy. All bought dead and revived.

If you’ve got the skills and time to spare, second hand will be great value.

If you’re ready to upgrade and have enough work to fund and get the benefits of a new machine I fully support that choice too.

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No, you don’t.

If it is something to make money by new. Your back up should be the exact same as your primary. I keep 2 gx690 motors and two 8gpm udors on the shelf all the time. Fortunately for me they were above rje flood line last night, unlike most everything else


My sc says at least 4000 and 4 GPM but I don’t have to 4000 but it won’t spin fast enough right???

Yes I do

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