Airless foaming wand

so i ordered this today and wanted to know if anyonehas used it? I also order the lemon scent soap as well to use with my house washes. Thanks for any input.

I haven’t used the foamer but the lemon Fresh Wash is gonna rock your socks off!

What are you using the airless foaming wand for? Let us know how it works for you. We just got the lemon Fresh wash in and so far so good.

I ordered the $199 package too with the new foaming soap and airless foamer. It should come in this week and we will see how it turns out…

Yes i got thr samr package minus the extra soap. Im going to try it on a cpl of houses.

This one?

I fixed the auto-link so it didn’t send everyone to buy window cleaning soap.

Yes, That is the one I ordered…haven’t got the foamer in yet, as they are backstocked on it…

Ok i tried it out today. I used 2.5 gallons of Sh, Rest was water a cpl squirts of lemon scent, and some Sup Suds from my local PW store. Mine was on backorder but I called and they dropped shipped it from where ever they are getting them from. I have a video of it in use. Its not the best in the world and I was under a Deck as you will see. What I can say about it is that it really soaps and suds. Only using it one time I sprayed a 2500 sq ft house and didnt use all the 5 gallon bucket. Im waiting to get a really dirty home to see how good it works and I’ll do another video of that. It should be Thursday or Friday…

Can someone post a video shooting a 2story house or even better a 2 story with a walk out? I wanna see how high it will shoot…thanks
What size machine…

i can reach a 2 story home with no problems. Ill make another video next week with it. Im using a 8gpm machine.

Look’s to me like the foamer stuck much better and as you said stayed on the wall longer. Interesting. BUT…looks like the J rod tips are a little faster.

I got mine in yesterday, and although I haven’t got to try it out, it is one well machined piece of equipment! I am just happy with the quality of the foamer and how solid it is…can’t wait to try it out this week!

Foamer looks like held better then normal soap tip. How much is that foamer tip cost.

Yes Thad that’s the one that I ordered. I like the Foam. To me in my eyes I can kill 2 birds with one stone. The house wash will stick (Foam) and stay longer and the home owner can say. I never seen that. Its almost like a marketing move or maybe even a small up sell. Well see how it works and the results that I can get from it. Thanks for a new Forum. I’m liking it so far. I’ve already ordered a cpl Awning Cleaning Items and the Foam system from the store. :0)

So what is the verdict on the foamer?

I sometimes use it but went back to a jrod

Same here. Jrod is faster.

Really like the concept of it being a new look/method to customers. The dwell time on the airless wand ext. it is really impressive.

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