Advice With Polymeric Sand

Last year i turn away 6 jobs on driveway cleaning and re-sanding.

So if any of you can help me this year i will thank you .
i been all over here where i live in ny trying to find polymeric sand where you can get this?

and whats the price usually runs for this type of project ?

i been reading around this blog and books looks like its a 2 day job if you really want to do it right and not make mistakes
also some people compress the sand other don’t why is this ?

any advice will be more then appreciated tank you

Several kinds of polymeric sand at box stores. Lowes carries “Sakrete” brand in 4g pales, $19.99ea does about 100sqft depending on gap size/depth between pavers. Clean with a turbo-nozzle or surface-cleaner (easy with the tips), re-sand, seal with H&C or Nano-Seal. I rarely clean without up-selling, re-sand and seal. There’s great money in pavers

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What do you mean “(easy with the tips)?”

I’m guessing don’t have a surface cleaner tipped at 3500 psi. Needs tipped at close to 2500 psi