Advice on purchasing my first pressure washer

I want to get get into pressure washing as an add on to my window cleaning business. I found one on craigslis for $300. It s a Michigan Power Pressure Washer. 4000 psi and 4gpm. It has an 11hp honda motor and the pump is belt driven. The guys said nothing is wrong with it. It comes with wand, couple tips, and 50 ft of hose. Is this a good deal, and it is a good first pressure washer to start out with?

4 gpm 4000 psi is a great entry level machine. New they run around $1500 for a belt drive. All you will need to add is a 2-3 gpm downstream injector, a jrod and some pw hose. If it runs and pumps it sounds like a good deal.

Thanks for the advice. I purchased it and am excited to try it out.

You got a good deal. Good luck.

So here is another question now that i have my pressure washer. I want to soft wash and am curious on what nozzles to get for my machine. I was looking on pressure tek and saw the down stream nozzle kits, is that what i’m looking for?

Yes just call Bob he will set you up.

+1 this. Bob is the man and will set you up with everything you need (and not try and sell you crap you don’t!)

great buy get it

Bob is the man. Really nice guy, he hooked me up with everything i needed. After i got the stuff in the mail i tested out the soft wash on my friends house. I do have a question about the downstream injector. Is it ok to leave it connected all the time or do you need take it off. When i didn’t want soap anymore i just removed the hose from the bucket of chemicals but i wasnt sure that if i was still using the 0040 nozzle if the downstream injector would pull air in and mess up my water flowage because its not in the bucket pulling chemicals? Hope this question makes sense :slight_smile:

Pulling the house is fine or you can put a ball valve in the chem line if you don’t like it drawing air.

put the soap hose in a bucket of water to flush it out while your rinsing

ThaT’s good advice I puT mine in my waTer Tank so I can clean The injecTors ouT as I’m rinsing

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Newbie here.

Who is Bob?