Advertising questions

Marketing is such a key part of any business and especially for one just starting up as we are. We’ve had our google add up for less than 24 hours and have one very large 2-story siding and guttering job to estimate on Monday but their drive and roof are just as bad so were going to try to up sell those as well, and one of the local banks has asked us for an estimate too. I guess all the hard work I put into our SEO when I builtour website really paid off. Either that kr the google add… So things are taking off and we still have not received a single piece of equipment yet.
I’ve been talking with the local radio station about running some radio adds. There are two main stations covering our area and the pricing is the same. One is a super oldies station and one is a current hits station. I’m undecided which to start with. Should I market towards the senior citizen crowd or the younger crowd?

Put your money into more SEO, google ad words, and the so called old school types of advertising like flyers and door hangers and nothing beats a fully signed up truck and or trailer or both.

We advertised hard on a HUGE radio station with massive audience and we got zero jobs from it, All it does is help with brand recognition but wont bring in direct work.

If you are to use radio use it in conjunction with flyers/door hangers and what we found worked well was door to door surveys and we got a bunch on collage students to go door to door the week the radio ads was playing and they would ask questions like have you ever had your house washed, if so what services did they do and the so one, The most important question is the last one, would you like someone to get in touch for a free and obligation free quote and the 3 collage students would do this 3 hours a day one day a week from 4pm to 7pm and we would get at least 20 people wanting a quote and out of that 20 we would get at least 12 to 14 jobs

This is just what works for us down hear in New Zealand

All the best
Troy Hillard
Wash Rite NZ