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Good evening all. I’m planning for next year and thinking about marketing budget. My question is, what type of correlation do you typically see between marketing spend and sales and marketing reach and sales (ie for wvry marketing dollar I spend I generate 5 dollars in sales or for every 1,000 people that I reach I convert x % to customers).

By my math at $5,000 EDDM budget monthly (.191 postage .0427 print cost for 10,000 door hangers or post cards) ill be able to reach approx 20,000 homes per month (targeting very specific routes in areas with specific demographics re: HH income and home ownership levels).

Has anybody run large ($5,000-$8,000 a month) EDDM campaigns over 3-4 months with any success?

I started business in 1998. It would be close, but I don’t think I’ve spent 5k in advertising since then. I bought a 1000 coffee mugs for $800, went to 3 or 4 apartment association conventions at $500 each. I’ve gone thru about 1000 business cards but half of those where lost in a flood. If you want residential, just go to the property management that handles the property and offer to wash the pool house for free in return for 10 house washes. The community will handle it’s on marketing in their Facebook pages and moms talking to moms


If you have a local or regional plant of the post office nearby, you might consider a postal permit. I switched to using the regional plant this year, because I have multiple post offices that I would have to drop off to otherwise. It doesn’t drop postage much (only to $0.187), but I don’t have to drive around to multiple post offices now.
The permit is $240/year + $240 application the first year. Worth it to me for the time savings and even with my reduced mailings this year (I have only sent about 25k between postcards to previous customers and EDDM) it is about break even on cost. You do save more on addressed post cards.

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Effecient and makes a lot of sense. I like it thank you sir.