Adjustment Of belts

Hey Guys. Random question. When Or How Do you Know It’s time To tighten Up the belt on the pressure washers?

I don’t like more than 1/2 inch play when pushed down in the middle. About 3 tightens or so, then new belts.


Do you have an idea of the amount of hours passed before needing to tighten?

Think i Have about 35 hours on It.

About 30-40 but you need to be checking it often before. Once it starts slipping you can destroy the belt and the pulleys.

Also if anyone is interested, the best belts I’ve ever seen in my life are optibelt Super TX M=S



Wow, I have 500+ hours on my skid and haven’t checked or tightened it.


Well it’s more costly for me to do since I also run a generator head along with the pump. If I see any slip I’ll get a voltage drop which would lug the generator and take it out

I tighten belts every 4 or 5 hundred hours. If you have a pressure pro or something on an aluminum skid you’ll have to do it sooner probably

Our belts just blew and I’m embarrassed to say we bought a used skid system and I never took note of the size belt it takes. How would we go about figuring that out? It is a Honda GX 630 hooked up to a 6.6 gallon a minute pump. Thanks so much.

Measure old one. Or use a old canvas belt. Should be a standard Vbelt. Ill measure mine in a minute.

Thanks! There are 2 groves for belts. Is it one belt with 2 v sections or 2 separate belts?

2 v belts.

@Pjtmiii Measure the outside diameter with something like 2" masking tape, subtract 2" and add BX to the front of what you end up with.

38" O.D. would be a BX36

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